Clinical Evidence

Skincare from Endor Technologies actually makes a visible difference on the face and body - targeting sagging, wrinkles, cellulite, localised fat reduction, dryness, flaccidity, and more. Hailed by numerous renowned international media outlets, Endor Technologies is a biomedical company spun off from The Institut Català de Nanotecnologia in Barcelona, Spain using its very own patented technology - Gold Thioethylamino Hyaluronic Acid (AuHA), to provide solutions in areas of dermatology and cancer. 

They even have clinical studies to prove that their skincare products produce actual, lasting anti-aging results! 

Award-Winning Mentions

Products from both the facial and body collections were conferred the Beauty Shortlist Award in 2019, which celebrates the best in Natural and Wellness annually. Winners for this award include the Eye Contour Cream and the Anti-Cellulite Cream.

  Before and Afters

A Canadian Multicenter study showed:

- 4.46 cm Average reduction in Abdomen
- 2.45 cm Average reduction in Arms
- 3.00 cm Average reduction in Thighs

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